Inspiration Point

Limiting Labels

Glen McQuirk.

A label that is accepted is a label that limits.

Parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, colleagues, all may have labeled you in some way. Perhaps they have convinced you that you would never amount to much, that you are the black sheep or the dark horse in the family. Maybe they have labeled you by a mistake you made, a weakness you showed or an awkwardness you demonstrate when doing something not aligned with your gifts or talents. Perhaps you have a design feature that is different to others and you have been given a nickname that reaffirms your uniqueness as a weakness or something to be mocked. None of this matters though unless you begin to confess the labels openly to others. It is at this point that they become limiting. Its time to stop repeating negative statements like “I am not good at…” or “I am always…” You are unlimited. You have unbelievable potential.

What limiting statements should you remove from your vocabulary?