Inspiration Point

A – Acknowledge what you have

Glen McQuirk

Acknowledge your gifts and talents and seek out people with complimentary ones.


A leader knows that he does not possess every gift, talent or skill for the accomplishment of a goal or fulfillment of a vision. Consequently it makes sense to seek out those people who display gifts and talents which are complementary to the vision and which do not conflict with your own. Having a big vision demands that you have a big team. Only a small goal can be accomplished in a limited way with your own gifts, talents and skills. A leader who does not realize this could become the greatest obstacle to the fulfillment of the vision. Great leaders know that the only essential skill is the ability to see in detail what does not yet exist, the ability to see their vision completed before it is even begun. On it they must remain focused and committed so they can inspire others to effectively use their gifts and talents to stay on course until its fruition.

Who has gifts and talents that can complement yours?