Inspiration Point

D – Ignite your Discipline

Glen McQuirk

The absence of discipline highlights a lack of vision.

A leader requires consistent discipline, not the intermittent type most people demonstrate. Everyone has experienced moments of impressive discipline in his or her life. On close analysis of these moments it becomes clear that times of great discipline coincide with a vision that inspired and motivated. Amazingly people who lack the discipline to plan, become exceptional planners when it comes to their wedding day or international holiday trip. To retain a high level a discipline, it is necessary to remain focused on a vision that you are passionate about. The moment you take your eye off your vision, laziness and procrastination creep in like a cancer, seeking to devour every good intention you may have. Vision is the one thing a leader must possess. Without vision, people perish. Keep your vision board where you can see and reflect on it daily, it is a must do.

How can you make your vision board more visible?