Inspiration Point


Glen McQuirk

Any fool can find fault. Be a good finder.

We are designed to identify character flaws in our own life so we can become more of the person we were born to be. Instead we tend to highlight the flaws in others’ character as a desperate attempt to elevate ourselves above them. Our character development is is so critical to our purpose (the place we are born to lead in) that faultfinding is a natural asset to our improvement. If we are wired to find fault, it means we must also be able to see what is right. It should be our aim to develop our good-finding ability and begin to recognise people for the good they do.  The more we practice this ability, the more we reinforce the habit. When it becomes a habit, we begin to grow a team who will naturally emulate this trait. The result is a highly developed team of leaders that can take any organisation to a higher and more meaningful level of performance and achievement.

How can you develop your good-finding ability?