Inspiration Point


Glen McQuirk.

Choose the mission that demands the investment of all your gifts and talents.

A worthy vision will always involve people that you don’t yet know and have many other unknown elements. It will require activities and actions that you are not capable of, or don’t even know how to do. This is why the most prevalent questioned asked after a person catches a glimpse of their vision is HOW? They instinctively realize that what they have just seen is not possible and often get distracted by the HOW TO. Smart visionaries understand that the HOW is not for them to know. They appreciate that their most important responsibility is to properly and concisely describe the vision so that it attracts the people who know the HOW. It is a known fact that the people who know HOW will always work for the people who know WHY. Become a WHY person.

What mission fits you like a glove?