Inspiration Point

Leadership is Responsibility

Glen McQuirk

Freedom is the glove that adorns the diligent hand of responsibility.


Leadership is the freedom to be responsible. The more effective you are at freely taking on responsibility, the greater freedom others will perceive you to have. To pursue leadership, for the freedom it appears to give, is to demonstrate the lack of character great leadership requires. Conversely, not to pursue leadership, because of the responsibility it demands, will result in a lifetime imprisoned in the service to the dreams of others. Ultimate leadership is about choices and the motives that drive them. The level to which a leader rises  is determined  by the extent to which the needs of those being led are placed before personal needs. The choice to serve or be served is one that accompanies every decision we make, big or small. Ultimately, the measure of freedom we experience in life is a reflection of how successful we are at putting others first, to do the right thing even if it is not in our favour.

In what way are you putting the interests of others before your own?