Inspiration Point

E – You are Equipped

Glen McQuirk

 Nothing is ever created without the ability to fully and completely fulfill its purpose.



Gift and Talent are words used to define special abilities people have to do something well with seemingly no thought and little effort. It’s the things that come naturally to us. Others recognize these obvious abilities easily, but the bearer of the gift is often blind to it. They seem obsessed with or even compelled to obtain additional skills that might better qualify them for their journey. They are led to feel there is no place for them to express their uniqueness and go out of their way to conform to the norms and standards that manifest in a life of misery where pleasure and passion are replaced with guilt, pain and the mundane. Gifts and talents are for out-the-box living. Skills are for in-the-box living. Skills are for the competitive existence that in-the-box living demands. You were born to love what you do and equipped to do it with little or no effort.

In what way have your learned skills concealed your gifts and talents?