Inspiration Point


You were born to dream

The greatest nation in the world is IMAGI-nation.
Zig Ziglar

Speaking to people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, classes and religious beliefs has opened my eyes to many differences but has also highlighted some common truths. Three things spring to mind. They are evident in young children, even babies.

The first is an inborn desire to explore, discover and push beyond the boundaries. If you put a baby on a blanket, they soon move off to explore beyond its edges. Place a toddler in a room and they soon find the door. Clearly we are designed to live beyond the comfort zone.

Then, as soon as they can speak, the second common thing is revealed, the pressing need to know the answer to the question “WHY?” This essential question to discovering your dream is quickly met with the worthless answer “BECAUSE!” This answer often prevents us from persisting long enough to discover the essence or purpose of our lives.

Later the third common key ability is revealed; IMAGINATION. Children everywhere use it freely and without limitations. Impossibility is not in their vocabulary. Why not use it.

What impossibility has your imagination produce?